Corporative Hosting, Increased Resources.

Lodging Web for Companies and Sites that require Discharge Availability.

  • Yield

    A greater amount of resources assures a quick access, still at the moments of greater traffic.

    Corporative Hosting - MvHosted Ecuador
  • Lodging

    Benefit from a servant shared by a limited number of lodged sites, which reduces the traffic.

    Lodging Semi-Dedicate - MvHosted Ecuador
  • Backup copies

    Our Equipment will be in charge to realise the endorsements of its Hosting every 24 hours.

    Backup copies - MvHosted Ecuador
  • Administration and
    Technical support 24/7

    A professional will be in charge of the Administration, Monitoring and Maintenance of his hosting the 24 hours.

    Technical support 24 hours - edamhost Ecuador

In MvHosted, we understand the necessity to have a Service of Hosting to the 100%. It is why we have developed the solution of designed Corporative Hosting for its Company and sites that require Discharge Availability. Our Architecture Zero Inactivity is impelled by a mixture of: Multiple servers of High Quality, Storage and Infrastructure of Superfluous Network and a Team of Experts 24/7.


  • Guaranteed Disc space
  • Monthly transference
  • Lodged domains
  • Accounts of Mail
  • 1 Domain Free. Com -. Net -. Org
  • Customized Technical support

More Details…

  • Access cPanel with SSL
  • Protocols IMAP, POP3 and smtp
  • Anti-Spam and Filter Anti-virus
  • OutLook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail
  • HTML, PHP 5,2 up to 5,6 and PHP 7
  • Perl 5,10 - Python App - Ruby App
  • ASP - .NET - JSP
  • MySQL (MariaDB), Postgre SQL
  • Joomla, WordPress and Drupal
  • Moodle - Ecommerce - PrestaShop
  • Backup copy every 24 hours
  • Guaranteed Uptime


  • 10 Gb.
  • 100 Gb.
  • 1
  • Limitless
  • Including
  • 24 / 7
  • 100%
  • Monthly $ 25/


  • 20 Gb.
  • Limitless
  • 3
  • Limitless
  • Including
  • 24 / 7
  • 100%
  • Monthly $ 35/


  • 50 Gb.
  • Limitless
  • Limitless
  • Limitless
  • Including
  • 24 / 7
  • 100%
  • Monthly $ 55/


  • 100 Gb.
  • Limitless
  • Limitless
  • Limitless
  • Including
  • 24 / 7
  • 100%
  • Monthly $ 75/
Increased yield
Rendimiento major
More Resources Available:
Fast Execution of Archives (+CPU)
Fast load of Páginas (+RAM)
More Speed of Scripture (+I/O)
Hosting Semi-Dedicate
Hosting Semi-Dedicate
A Semi-Dedicate Lodging benefits it from surroundings shared between a limited number of sites, reducing the amount of traffic. Our SSD VPS hosting provide the best thing you can get for website performance, control, and security.
Superfluous servers
Superfluous servers
Replication of data in real time via DRBD in a secondary servant. In case of a fault in the main servant the secondary one takes the control.
Backup every 24 hours
In case of loss of data, we can reclaim Archives, Accounts of Mail and Data bases. The data keep by 10 days in External Servers.
Disc redundancy
A configuration RAID-10 assures a level to him additional redundancy. If a disc got to fail, you nonnotary's office interruption some.
Protection Anti-DDOS
Our solution Anti-DDOS protects it against multiple types of network attacks. This one can mitigate until 1Gbps. (following the type of attack).
cPanel with SSL
cPanel with SSL
The SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encripta the information sent or received between a servant and a user, or vice versa, through Internet.
Firewall - ModSecurity - Cloud Linux
Firewall & ModSecurity
Examiner of accounts of Warhead
Firewall Cisco ROASTS 5505
ModSecurity, CSF/LFD & Commtouch
CloudLinux - To optimize the security
Monitoring of the Servant
Monitoring and Support 24/7
All the Corporative Plans are monitored the 24 hours of the day to prevent faults, guaranteeing Solution a Trustworthy, Powerful and Safe Web 100%.