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He follows the steps to enjoy our services.

We already are but of 4500 Satisfied clients our mission is to offer a Lodging responsible Web, domains and management of plans of remarketer with the most competitive prices of the market.

As first step to fulfill that mission, we have the professional personnel for the management of our servers and have the operators to solve all questions before the purchase or request of its plan of lodging Web or name of domain.

When you visit you you can speak with one of our representatives in the chat of live help, and that can help you to choose the lodging plan every time Web or remarketer for the needs of its company thinking about the growth of its company.

Also we offer registry of domains, here you can buy his webpage or the transference to his name of present domain. When you buy one of our plans you will be able to transfer his name of domain to buy one new one or to only change the DNS of your present domain. is one of the most competitive of the market of Lodging Web, since they offer more space and bandwidth by less money than the competitors with our famous network of 100% uptime guaranteed.

Thousands of company trust us putting their valuable information of their company in our servers, you you can think about the welcome of their webpage in our servers.

We deliver a great attack to offer a customized and direct attention, as much in attention to the client as in technical support, guaranteeing effectiveness and urgent resolution of possible complications.

So that To choose

To choose host for its website can be a frustrating process. Naturally, you are looking for a series that combination with all the characteristics and the price just. He is looking for host that he respects to him as person, and he will do all the possible one to do to you happy. There is a million guests that way… Why to choose we?

Here they are the main reasons of the election:

Our goal number one is the satisfaction of the client. Our equipment works jointly to cause that this is possible. Or on foot through a transference of domain or the configuration of accounts, the solution of problems or difficult script cgi, we are going to do the necessary thing to maintain it happy. We offer one complete line of Knowledge Base, the documentation of almost everything what we offer. If it does not find it there, our Service of Attention to the Client who will be enchanted to help him. In addition, if sometimes unsatisfactory encounter the service to the client, please, the voice its complaints to our group supervisor. We are always going to fight by the improvement of our main objective: the satisfaction of the real client. We understand that our true preoccupation for our clients is something that lacks competitors.

All our servers and the components that conform our network are monitored the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year. In the case of an unforeseen circumstance he cuts of light, whether it is a question of a failure of a component, the software of shock connectivity or the disturbance, our system of monitoring immediately in knowledge of the engineer. At the same time our systems will try to solve the problem automatically, or turning aside our connectivity in a superfluous circuit or not to reinitiate a service. This proactive one of monitoring allows not only to the promise to our clients the time us, but also to fulfill this promise. Reliability does not pause there. We understand that it is fundamental to use reliable and escalables of hardware that is the reason by which only the use of the highest quality for all the Web servers and of e-mail that acts. Our network the time of activity has been superior besides the industry with a monthly total of the 99.99% availability.