Terms and Conditions

Agreement for the use of our services.

Conditions of the Service

The use of the services of Edamhost.ec, constitutes an agreement with these terms, you you can see our Policy of Privacy.

1.) Configuration of Account/E-mail in the Registry

We will form his account after to have received the payment and when we, or our associates of payments, have verified the conformity of the payment. It is its responsibility to provide an email address to us who is not @dominio. If there is a problem or abuse that does necessary to put to us with you in touch, the main email address in the registry will be used for this intention. It is his responsibility at any moment to guarantee a valid email address to the usable day and. To provide false information of contact of any type can entail to the cancellation of its account. In dedicated servant purchases or transactions of high risk, it will be necessary to anticipate the identification emitted by the government and, possibly, an exploration of the credit card used for the purchase. If they do not satisfy these requirements, the purchase can be considered fraudulent by nature and be denied.

1.1) Data transfers

Our equipment of transferences is in charge to do all the possible one to help him to move its site; nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the transference process. We offer this service as a courtesy and we cannot guarantee his availability or the amount of time that can take, since each host is formed of slightly different form. We will try, nevertheless, to help it in everything as necessary to facilitate the transference.

2.) On the Content

All the services provided by Edamhost.ec will only be able to be used with allowed aims. The laws of the State of Florida, the State of Texas, of the United States of America and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, apply.

The client commits himself to compensate and to maintain responsibility by any reclamation done to Edamhost.ec by third parties, derivatives of the use of our services.

The use of our services to infringe the rights of author or commercial brand, is prohibited. This includes the nonauthorized copy of music, books, photographies, or any other work protected by author rights. The supply of sale of falsifications of any merchandise of a titular brand will have as result the immediate completion of its account. If you think that their rights of author or brand are being infringed, notary publics an e-mail to [email protected] with the necessary information. A list of the necessary information can be found here. If the request is on a question of licenses, additional documentation will be able to be demanded.

Examples of unacceptable material in all the shared servers and Remarketer include:
IRC Bots, Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers, Pirated Software/Warez, image, filedump, mirror, or banner-ad services (similar to rapidshare, photobucket, or commercial banner ad rotation), topsites, audio commercial streaming (or dwells than one two streams), Escrow, High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or related sites, Investment sites (FOREX, egold exchange), leaves of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit (s), AutoSurf sites, Bank Debentures, Bank Debenture TRADING Programs, Prioritizes Banks Programs, lottery sites, muds/rpg's, is sites, hacker to you focused sites/you file/programs, or sites promoting illegal activities, IP Scanners, Brute FORCE Programs, Mail Bombers and Spam Scripts. Websites that distribute or link to warez content plows prohibited.

The websites of distribution of archives, websites of distribution of films, software or archives MP3 this material are not allowed is material protégé by author right.

To use an account shared as backup copy/storage device, is not allowed, excluding cPanel of backup copy of the same account. The user will have to abstain to make backup copies of his own backup copies.

We reserved the right to reject the benefit of services to any person. Any material that, in our opinion, is obscene or threatening is prohibited and will be eliminated of our servers, with or without previous warning.

The lack of answer within 48 hours to our post office by e-mail abuses, can be in the suspension or the definitive completion from the contracted services. All the questions of abuse must be tackled through system about ticket/email address and will have an answer in a lapse of 48 hours.

In case of doubt on the acceptance of his site or service, put yourself in touch with us to the [email protected] mail and we will be enchanted to help him.

Possible damages to the juniors strictly are prohibited, including the child pornography or the contents to which child pornography is considered (Lolita). Any found site welcoming the child pornography or the entailment with the child pornography, will be suspended immediately without previous warning. In the case of remarketers, before the suspension a brief term will occur, to the only effect of which they can close his accounts. This term will not come in case of direct clients.

Any violation of the law will be communicated the organisms of application of the law.
It is his responsibility to guarantee that scripts/programs installed in their account is safe and the permissions of the directories settle down correctly, independent of the installation method. Establesca permissions of the directories to 755 or as restrictive possible. The users are responsible in last instance for all the measures adopted by virtue of their account. This includes the commitment of the credentials as name of user and password. It is necessary that it uses a safe password. If a weak password is used, its account could be suspended until it is committed to use a safer password. An Audit per week is realised to prevent uncertain passwords. If an audit is realised, and its password is considered weak, we will notify to him so that it can change or update his password.

3.) Policy of zero tolerance to the Spam

We take a position from tolerance zero against the shipment of e-mail nonasked for, e-mail in bulk and the Spam. “Ready Kept” and “it doubles opt-in” will be tried as Spam. Any user who sends Spam will be finished him the account with or without previous warning. Please, he reads Policies of post office to know our generalized policy post office.

Publicity through SPAM sites (Spamvertised) could not be lodged in our servers. This disposition includes to Spam sent via fax, e-mail, instantaneous mail, or Usenet/groups of the news. Any organization or organization who appears in ROKSO cannot be lodged in our servers. Any account that breaks the laws or agreements on intellectual property, immediately will be suspended and/or finished.

Edamhost.ec reserves the right to demand changes or decontamination, according to is necessary, any website, counts, data base, or another component that does not fulfill its established policies, or to make any modification in case of emergency.

Edamhost.ec reserves the right to receive the holder of the used account to send any e-mail nonasked for a quota of cleaning. This cost of the cleaning is totally to discretion of Edamhost.ec Political of Mail

4.) Information on the Payment

Information on the payment in Shared Lodgings and Remarketers You accept the supply of payment adapted for the received services of Edamhost.ec, before the period of time during which such is served. You accept that unless and until you notify to Edamhost.ec of his desire to cancel anyone or all the received services, these services invoice of periodic form.

The cancellations must become through their area of client. Once we receive its request of cancellation and we have confirmed it, we will come to complete the cancellation erasing all information of its account of our servers, we will inform to him that its account has been cancelled. At this moment, its account with us has been cancelled. If you do not receive this email of confirmation of this cancellation, please contact to us immediately.

As client of Edamhost.ec, it is his responsibility to assure that its information of payment is, and that all the invoices are pleased in due course. Edamhost.ec provides a period of grace of 2 days from the moment at which the invoice is due to be pleased. Any invoice that it has more than 2 days of not phelp delay and to will be translated in a surcharge of $5 dollars to its account, its suspended permanecera account until the balance of the account has been phelp in its totality.

The invoices that have been pleased more in one go using Paypal Subscriptions only can be added to the credit account and they cannot be reimbursed through Paypal. If it needs help with this disposition, put yourself in touch with [email protected]

Edamhost.ec reserves the right at any time to change to the amount of monthly payment and any other position.

4.1) Information on the payment in Dedicated Servers:

NonPayment: All the payments must of being realised in the Date of Anniversary of invoicing in their totality. The lack of payment for the services of monthly payment in the date of anniversary is a violation of the CDS. The lack of competitions of payment by two (2) days consecutive, including the anniversary Date of invoicing, will give rise to a completion of public access to the services to the client. The lack of competition for the services of payment within the seven (5) consecutive days, including the anniversary Date of invoicing, will give rise to the completion of the access to the network on watch and all the services will have to be recovered. By the end of payment of 20 it will be incurred across the lack of competition for the services of payment or before the anniversary date of monthly invoicing. A quota of reconección of 50 dollars would be incurred in case of not sending to the payment of the services public after access has been disconnected. All the data of the client who is after seven (5) days of the lack of payment will be destroyed for reasons of security and privacy, unless it is required by the law.

If he has more than 1 servant, you need to have all the servers in good condition of payment.

5.) Backup copies and Loss of Data

Its use of the service is under its own risk. Edamhost.ec does not become person in charge of the archives and/or data that reside in their account. You commit yourself to assume the total responsibility of the archives and transferred data and to maintain all the backup copies of archives and data stored in Edamhost.ec servers

6.) Cancellations and Reimbursements

Any abuse towards our Personnel in any means or format would be in the suspension or completion from its services. The clients can cancel their account at any time, through their area of client. Edamhost.ec gives an unconditional guarantee him of 30 days of return of money on the management of shared lodging, thus is no return some on dedicated servers, VPS, administrative Cloud Server, Reseller, rates, expenses of installation of customized software, or purchases of domains. Reimbursement of the money can only be asked before turning the 30 days of to have placed the order buys; cancellations requerias after the 30 days the reimbursement would be realised on the basis of the days of nonuse of its lodging Web.

His first order with us is only susceptible of reimbursement. For example, if you have had an account with us before she has been cancelled and registered again, you you will not be eligible for a reimbursement or if she has opened one second account with us.

Violations of the Conditions on watch can be in the lost one to the Policy of Reimbursement.